Frequently Asked Questions

4WDriving Frequently Asked Questions


Can I drive a normal car to your Camping Grounds or do I need a 4WD?
– You do not need a 4WD to access the township Camping Grounds as there are sealed roads to Point Lookout and Amity Point. You will need a 4WDrive to access the beach camping areas of Flinders Beach and Main Beach and for this you will need a Vehicle Access Permit

How do I purchase a Vehicle Access Permit (VAP) for the beaches?
– You can purchase a Vehicle Access Permit online (here), or at Cylinder Beach, Amity Point or Adder Rock during office hours 8am-4pm.

If I get bogged on the beach, who can I call for help?
– You can call RACQ and another service is Towing & Breakdowns on 0428 288 128. Rangers are not permitted to assist with bogged vehicles for insurance reasons.

What if I cannot print my permit before arriving at Minjerribah?
.– You may attend Cylinder Beach, Amity Point or Adder Rock Campgrounds during office hours (8am-4pm) to get a copy printed. You must not drive on Flinders or Main Beach before you have a printed copy of your Vehicle Access Permit.

Campground Frequently Asked Questions


How big are the campsites?
Unpowered and foreshore sites are all 6m X 6m. Powered sites in the Camping Grounds vary in size from 6m X 6m to 9m X 10m. If you require assistance with a site size when booking, please email us:

How many people can I fit on one campsite?
You can have a maximum of 4 adults per site or 2 adults and up to three children/infants (maximum 5 people). You will need to email or call to add the extra infants/children.

How old do you need to be to stay in our campgrounds?
All guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult such as a parent, step-parent, guardian or other adult who has parental rights and responsibilities for the under 18 year old guest.

What are the Check-in / Check-out times?
Camping Sites: Check in time 11.00am / Check out time 10:00am. Cabins, Glamping & EcoShacks/Eco Tents: Check in time: 2.00pm / Check out time 10:00am.

Are there BBQ’s /camp kitchens (fridges) that I can use at the camping grounds?
Yes there are electric BBQs. There are outdoor undercover camp kitchens (electric BBQ’s, sinks, power points, tables & chairs) at the Adder Rock and Amity Point Camping Grounds, Bradbury’s Beach and Home Beach however there are no public use fridges at any of the campgrounds.

Do the campgrounds have swimming pools?
There are no pools at our Camping Grounds, but each property has direct beach access.
Main Beach, Cylinder Beach are patrolled all year round.
Adder Rock is patrolled during (Qld) School Holidays.

Do you have powered waterfront sites?
Yes. Amity Point and Bradbury’s Beach Camping Grounds have powered sites with views to Moreton Bay and beautiful evening sunsets. Home Beach Camping Ground has powered sites with limited water views.

Are there off-leash areas for dogs on the island?
There are two off leash areas on the Island:
– Home Beach (not within Campground) between Rocky Point and Rocky Headland in front of Point Lookout Hotel
– Dunwich Skatebowl Park, Barton Street in Dunwich (between the skate bowl and the fenced off area)

Where can I empty my chemical toilet?
Amity Point Campground dump point.

Foreshore Camping Frequently Asked Questions


Can I camp anywhere on the beach?
Camping is only allowed in designated camping areas. To access these areas you must use the designated tracks.
– On Main Beach there are 15 access tracks, starting 7km south of the causeway access. These are marked with numbered signs.
– On Flinders Beach there are 12 access tracks between Adder Rock Beach access and Amity Point Beach access.

Can I pay the beach ranger for camping fees?
No. You must book and pay for your campsite before you access the beach camping areas, or set up camp. Should extra people arrive you will need to contact our Dunwich Booking Centre to book them in and pay for their camping.

Do the beach camping areas have toilets and showers?
There are no facilities on the beaches except at Flinders Beach which has limited composting toilets at Tracks 3,5 & 7.

Where can I have a shower if I am beach camping?
Shower Access Cards are available for purchase, which will allow you to use the shower facilities at Adder Rock Camping Grounds. These cards should be purchased between 8am and 4pm at Adder Rock.

Where can I empty my chemical toilet?
Track 5 along Flinders Beach has a facility to empty chemical toilets. Another facility at Amity Point Campground is available between 8am to 4pm.

Can I walk to the beach camping areas on Flinders and Main Beach?
We do not recommend it. It is a long walk and you must carry all your camping gear, your own food and water, and be able to take any rubbish with you when you leave. Check beach report for current conditions.

Can I have a bonfire in the beach camping areas / on the beach?
NO. Small cooking fires only are permitted within the foreshore camping areas, depending on whether or not there is a fire ban in place. Cooking fires must be watched at all times, and extinguished with water (not sand) after use.

Can I cut down trees / collect fallen branches for a fire?
No. You must not use or damage any island vegetation, even driftwood. If you wish to have a fire you must bring your own firewood.

Mobility Impaired Information

Everyone deserves to ‘feel the spirit of Quandamooka country’. Minjerribah Camping Pty Ltd caters for mobility impaired campers to ensure their accommodation experience is free from concern:

Bradburys Beach – Eco Tent 1

  • Full wheelchair access to accommodation,
  • Disabled compliant toilet and bathroom,
  • Accessible parking ensures wheelchair access,
  • Walkways to accommodate wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

Amity – Cabin 9

  • Full wheelchair access to accommodation,
  • Accessible parking is provided for wheelchair access,
  • Walkways to accommodate wheelchairs or mobility scooters,
  • No bathroom, however, access to mobility impaired bathroom in Amenities block.

Adder Rock – Cabin 6

  • Wheelchair access (access ramps),
  • Disabled compliant toilet and bathroom,
  • Accessible parking provided,
  • Walkways to accommodate wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

Mobility Impaired bathroom facilities and ramps are available and accessible at the following Camping Grounds:

  • Amity Point
  • Adder Rock
  • Cylinder Beach (Campground Amenities block with Ramp)
  • Flinders Beach Drop Toilets (Campground Amenities block with Ramp)